National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous body established under UGC ACT in September 1994. NAAC was entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating performances, assessing and accreditating universities, autonomous and affiliated colleges in the country. NAAC is paving the road for the establishment of “Quality Culture” in the universities and colleges along with enhancing awareness among all stakeholders for the need of Institutional Quality Assurance.

To suffice the above NAAC proposes that every institute should establish IQAC as a measure for it quality enrichment.

IQAC should function to channelize the effort of the college for academic excellence. It should not be just another record keeping body in the hierarchy of the institution. It will work as a facilitating and planning body of the college becoming a driving force for leading the quality culture of college by removing deficiencies.


  1. To work in harmony and sync with all internal and external agencies for development of a system which assists in advancement for the academic and administrative performance of KCCEMSR.
  2. To stimulate and provide a path towards quality enhancement of KCCEMSR.


Sr No. Name Designation Department
1 Dr. Vilas Nitnaware Chairman Electronic & Telecommunication
2 Dr. Puja Rai Management Representative Humanities & Applied Science
3 A. P. Amarja Adgaonkar IQAC Coordinator Information Technology
4 A.P. Rajiv Iyer Member Electronic & Telecommunication
5 Dr. Shelley Oberoi Member Humanities & Applied Science
6 Dr.Mahesh Maurya Member (Criteria 3) Computer Engg.
7 A.P. Riya Rupani Member MMS
8 Dr. Baban U. Rindhe Member Electronics & Telecommunication
9 Dr. Avishek Ray Member Electronics & Telecommunication
10 A.P. Keerti Kharatmol Member (Criteria 1) Computer Engg.
11 Dr. Aarti Bakshi Member (Criteria 2) Electronics & Telecommunication
12 A.P. Vaishali Bhalerao Member (Criteria 4) Humanities & Applied Science
13 A.P. Nilima Patil Member (Criteria 5) Computer Engg.
14 A.P. Anupama Chaurasia Member (Criteria 6) Electronics & Telecommunication
15 Dr. Pallavi Chopade Member (Criteria 7) Humanities & Applied Science
16 Mr. Mahesh Dalvi Office superintendent Office
17 Ms. Sheetal Mahajan Lab Assistant Electronics & Telecommunication
18 Dr. Nitin Kale External Advisor External Advisor
19 Mrs. Rashmi Joshi NGO NGO
20 Mr. Vinayak Uttekar Student Representative Student Representative - Computer Engg.
21 Mr. Nikhil Joshi (Computer Engineering) Alumni Alumni Representative


  1. Every member of the committee is appointed for a period of 2 years.
  2. IQAC meeting will be held every quarter of an academic year to achieve and monitor the progress towards its goal.
  3. The quorum for meeting shall be two third of the total number of members.
  4. The agenda, minutes and action taken reports are to be documented with signatures and maintained digitally.
  5. A separate section is needed to be hosted on college website for IQAC, where the strategies, functions, members and contact details will be uploaded.
  6. In addition to the above, documents related to NAAC, SSR and AQAR reports are also to be uploaded.
  7. Preparation of AQAR of KCCEMSR as per the guidelines laid down by NAAC.
  8. The AQAR shall be approved by the competent authority.
  9. IQAC will act as a catalyst for NAAC peer team and other accreditation bodies.

Functions and Strategy

  1. Creating a learner centric environment favorable for quality education.
  2. Connect with potential industrial partners by collaboration or by Memorandum of Understanding who can effectively contribute to offer internship or employment to students.
  3. Development of an apt feedback collection and analysis methodology for maintaining and upgrading the quality culture of college.
  4. Synergize modern methods of teaching and learning to cater to student diversity.
  5. Overall development of student by engaging in participatory teaching learning process.
  6. Cultivate an analytical mechanism for attainment of program outcomes of students and reform steps for accomplishment of goal.
  7. Research promotion by development of overall policy for research activities and sensitization, promotion and support for publications and IPR related activities.
  8. Documentation of various programmes or activities for quality improvement through digital mode.
  9. Alumni engagement for quality enhancement.
  10. Empowerment of teaching and administrative staff.
  11. Steps for quality enhancement by dissemination of good practices and adoption.
  12. IQAC will work as an interface for other accreditation agencies.
  13. Preparing Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC guidelines and its submission.


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