Microchip-ATMega 16 and Robotics design under E-Yantra

K.C. College of engineering and management studies and research has organized a 30 Hrs. Value Added Program on “Microchip-ATMega 16 and Robotics design under E-Yantra” on 25th and 29th July 2022 and conducted Hands on session on AVR programming ,Designing of circuits , Introduction to Firebird-V Robotics Research Platform, Motion control using Pulse Width Modulation in Firebird- V .

Students were able to :

  • To explore embedded system circuits.
  • To explore Microchip Programming
  • Design of small mini-projects.
  • To construct robotic concept (gesture robotics, sensor guided robotics, spy robotics etc
  • To examine the different behavior of robotics.


Dr. Rajiv Iyer (HOD , EXTC)

Asst.Prof. Mandar G. (HOD , COMPS)

Asst.Prof. Shubhangi V, (EXTC)

Asst.Prof. Pournima Vadak,  (EXTC)