Founded in 2010, the M.M.S Department of K.C College of Engineering, Management Studies and Research has since stood a class apart when it comes to Management Education and generating "best-in-class" professionals. With experienced faculty and unique teaching styles, the Department has given the nation strong-minded individuals with an unshakable moral compass that points in the right direction. We also have a strong placement team that trains and develops the Learners in such a manner that they are tailored to fit an organization's needs. Using existing market scenarios as part of the pedagogy, the M.M.S Department ensures that the learners know the practical application of the theoretical knowledge imparted. In all, a Learner enters our institute as an unpolished stone, and walks out a Valuable and Irreplaceable Gem.


To imbibe educational environment towards creating professionals with effective managerial skills.


  • To impart human capabilities through research and education in industrial management.

  • To serve as managers capable of making good decisions and handling organizational and social response in life.

  • To inculcate students with ethically and morally strong minds.

Program Objectives

Departmental Achievements/Activities/STTP/Workshops

Student's Achievement

Some of our academic scholars are listed below...




Successful Alumni

Pranali Kadam

Currently in her Final Year of MMS (Finance), Pranali bagged the 1st place in ROHAK (Inter-college Event), in a team-based activity – Beg, Borrow, Steal.

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Ruchi Yelve

Being a fashion enthusiast, Ruchi invests her time in her 1st year of MMS, formulating marketing strategies for potential fashion companies. When she’s not doing so, she is out winning team based activities like Beg, Borrow, Steal as well as Treasure Hunt in ROHAK (Inter-college Event). She has also won the First place in Beg, Borrow, Steal in Lala Lajpat Rai College’s Chakravyu.

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Pravin Parab

Pravin, of the Final Year of MMS (Finance), has been an integral part of the Department’s mock company – Star King Enterprises. A true example of a Jack of All Trades, he has won the First place in Brand Identification and was a part of the winning Inter-College Tug of War Team.

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Darshan Hatnolkar

Darshan of the Final Year of MMS (Finance), has a unique approach to challenges – he smiles his way out of it. A gifted individual with good knowledge related to his own field as well as other areas of his interest, Darshan has won the 1st place in Brand Identification and finished a very close 2nd in Stock Market.

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Harish Sharma

Harish has had a great start to his First Year of MMS. He has proven to be quite the Puzzle Solver, having won the Inter-College Puzzle Solving Competition. He has also proven his sales skills having won a “Profits Go To Charity” Based competition, with a large margin of Profit.

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Sakshi Joshi

As a strong Leader, Sakshi has led her First Year colleagues as the Class Representative, by example. With an analytical mind and an unmatched power of convincing, Sakshi is the prime example that Women are here to rule the world. During her time in the First Year of MMS, she has won Puzzle Solving, “Profits Go To Charity” Based competition – Sell It Off, with a considerably large margin of Profit and was a part of the winning Tug of War Team.

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List of Staff:

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Prof. Shrikesh Poojari

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Shrikesh Poojari